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🐕 Kaiercat anti bark device aims to solve excessive,dog barking by emitting an ultrasonic sound. The ultrasonic frequency is not harmful to pets and humans.
🐕The sensitive microphone can pick up barking up to 16-33 feet away to solve your dog’s or your neighbors’ dog’s disturbing barking problem.

Why Choice Kaiertcat Dog Barking Control Devices:
💕 Kaiertcat bark deterrent device is an innovative solution for Dog barking and correcting unwanted behavior. The ultrasonic sound is safe and effective for dogs.
💕 The dog bark deterrent can pick up barks within 16-50 feet and auto-activate the device, great for stopping unwanted bark near your house.
💕 Just needs a 5 hour fully charge and can work 30 days, standby time: 60 days
💕 3 different frequency waves to avoid dogs getting used to simple frequency

✍ The detection range is 16-33 feet, if the dog is more than 33 ft away from the device, it may not be triggered to work by dog bark.
✍ If the dog has a hearing issue, the device may not work as expected.
✍ The device is for 6 months to 8 years old dogs.
✍ Using the device against aggressive dogs is not recommended.
✍ Using one device against two or more barking dogs at once is not recommended.
✍Using the same Ultrasonic frequency on the same dog for 10 days or more is not recommended. The dog may have resistance to the same ultrasonic frequency. Please change the ultrasonic frequency every 7-10 days.
Power: USB
Input Voltage: 3.7V
Input Current: 40mAh
Battery: 1500mAh
Waterproof: IPX4
Sensor: Sound Detection
Sensor Distance: 16-33ft
Ultrasonic Frequency: 15KHZ-30KHZ

90 Days Non-Worried After-Sales Service
We offer FULL REFUND OR REPLACEMENT if it’s not suitable for your dogs .Please do not hesitate to contact us for any issue

🐾【Dog Bark Control & Training】The anti bark device uses the latest ultrasonic technology which is suitable for dogs of all breeds and all sizes. Stop excessive, noisy dog barking by emitting an ultrasonic sound to silence the dog. After the dog stops barking, the ultrasonic barking control device automatically stops emitting ultrasonic waves. Give you a silence life!
🐾【3 Levels of Operation】The anti barking device with 3 adjustable ultrasonic volume levels -low, medium, and high, 15KHZ-30KHZ applies to the large, naughty dogs. 20KHZ applies to the docile dog. 30KHZ applies to small dogs. It’s recommended for dogs aged from 6 months to 8 years old. Please turn the knob to test different frequency bands to obtain the best results. because different levels of ultrasonic will have different affections
🐾【Safe for Dogs & Human】Most humane and used widely way to keep your own dog or your neighbors dog from barking. The ultrasound will not cause interference or harm to humans, because humans cannot hear these frequency bands, but dogs will be sensitive to these ultrasounds. However, some dogs may be afraid or dislike this sound and will not stop barking at first, so please allow up to 2 weeks for training.
🐾【Design & Waterproof】The device is designed for easy hanging or mounting on a tree, wall, or fence post to keep your own dog or your neighbors’ dog from barking, Our anti barking device is waterproof and durable, it can withstand any weather conditions; making it an excellent outdoor bark control for dogs. the shell is IP4 waterproof grade, and can effectively resist external splash. But if it rains, it’s best to take it back, which helps protect the equipment and extends its life.
🐾【Fits for Most Dogs】 The device works on most breeds and sizes, but does not work on deaf or hearing impaired dogs. Some dogs may be afraid or dislike the ultrasonic sound, and not stop barking at the beginning. Please allow up to 2 weeks for training.